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Thank you for downloading EarEffect app. We explain how to use EarEffect app in your device here so please read down followings.

Allow Restiction Settings

The EarEffect app requires that you have enabled the Restrict feature in your device's settings in order to enable the ability to control streaming sound sources that play in the background.​

1. Open the Settings app on your Android device then select "Apps" and "Manage Apps".

2. Select "EarEffect" app from the application list then scroll down the screen and turn on the Restrictions slider. This completes the preliminary preparation.

Launch EarEffect app


1. You will see the Privacy Policy page. Please check the contents and approve it. Then Single Sign-On page will appear. EarEffect supports login with Google and Facebook accounts. Plan selection screen will appear.Tap "Free" for a free plan with ads, or "Subscribe" for a monthly subscription plan without ads. If you are on a subscription plan, you will be charged a monthly fee based on Google's in-app purchases.

2. For free, the available time increases by 10 minutes for each ad you watch. In addition, the current remaining available time will be displayed, so please check it. After completing the settings up to this point, the model selection screen will appear at the end.Select the model that corresponds to your earphones, headphones, or speakers, or something similar, and proceed to the main control screen.

Allow Notification Access

  1. The first time you open the main control screen, you will be alerted to allow notifications.

  2. Select EarEffect from the list of applications displayed and turn on Allow notification access.

  3. A confirmation screen will then appear, so please read through it, check the checkbox, and select OK.

  4. The notification function is now enabled.

Apple Music function

For AppleMusic, the EarEffect app allows you to access your account from within the EarEffect app. In order to activate it, you will need to log in with your account for each streaming service.

  1. Tap Diplay in the Music Source area.

  2. You will see the graying Apple Music logo. If your account is not connected to Spotify, the service logo will be grayed out.

  3. To connect Apple Music, tap one of the four buttons in the Apple Music area.

  4. The Connect screen will then appear. Then tap the Connect button.
    If the Apple Music player app is installed on the same device, you can log in with that account.
    You can now access streaming.

Return to the previous screen and select your favorite item from Playlist, Songs, Albums, Artists, select the song you want to play with EarEffect, and start playback.

Return to the main control screen and toggle the effect on/off switch in the upper left corner of the screen to experience the new generation of sound with EarEffect.

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