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Reborn Your Earbuds by App.

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【Q1】What is the difference between the free plan and the paid plan?


The free plan allows users to use the GE mode, which can apply effects to music and videos played from streaming services. Users can extend the available time by 10 minutes by watching video advertisements, and can also accumulate the available time by continuously watching advertisements in advance. In addition, watching ads is required when the application is launched and when a mode is selected.

Paid plans remove ads from the GE mode available in the free plan. In addition, the ability to playback sound files stored on the user's device and apply premium effects to them is available. We call this IE mode, and we invite you to experience the quintessential EarEffect quality sound tuning.

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【Q3】What is the purpose of the login using the social media account requested when the app is launched for the first time?

The social media account information is used as the user's login credentials. This is done to protect the user's privacy.

【Q4】Will the list of models provided as presets be updated in the future?


We are always open to feedback from our users regarding requests to add new models, so please contact us via the Inquiry page. Please contact us via the Inquiry page and our development team will do our best to reflect your feedback.

【Q2】What is the Apple Music integration feature?


If the user has a valid Apple Music account, the EarEffect app will allow the user to log in to their account and use the song information, playlists, recommendations, and even the song search functionality associated with their account within the app. This feature is currently only available for Apple Music.

【Q5】When I start up the application, the ads appear repeatedly and I cannot proceed.


Please try deleting the cache of the EarEffect app and other frequently used apps. If the problem persists, reinstalling the application or turning it off and on (rebooting) may also help.

【Q6】The Remaining Time is running faster than the actual time.


We have confirmed that when the Remaining Time is 3 hours or more, the time display advances faster than the actual time. We are planning to improve this issue in a future update, so at this time, we recommend that you set the Remaining Time to 3 hours or less.

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