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Get 3D Sound.

Reborn Your Earbuds by App.

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Introducing software with a completely new idea from GENESIS. Its name is "Ear Effect". We propose a system that will endlessly pack the know-how as a global mastering studio, including participation in the official songs of the World Cup in Germany, and polish the capabilities of each device to the utmost limit.


Innovative by actively providing presets to headphones and earphones made by other companies as well as compatibility with GENESIS Infinity headphones, and condensing many audio algorithms such as stereo images and compression as well as EQ for each genre in the preset. IoT sound tuning system is configured.

In the initial release, the application will be provided for mobile devices such as iOS / Android, and users will receive more than 40 model presets with a monthly subscription of 3USD or for free, as well as new presets added by monthly updates. Can be used unlimitedly. In addition, we plan to provide official presets for Sound Warrior of Shiroshita Industrial Co., and car audio makers (announced at a later date), and support not only headphones and earphones, but also in-vehicle audio and Bluetooth speakers.

EarEffect is a sound tuning system that uses a unique algorithm derived from the global know-how of mastering engineer Hirotoshi Furuya, who has 15 international endorsement contracts, including SPL international official endorser, and is optimal for each device genre to be connected.


It is a solution that maximizes the potential of the device through the customized presets (patent).
It is also provided as an application that runs in the background, allowing users to use EarEffect presets in combination with music streaming services, video distribution services, game apps, and more. 

Users can listen to music using the presets provided by EarEffect, as well as use the Boom Algorithm (bass adjustment function) and Attitude (sound intelligibility adjustment function) starting from the preset. It is possible to customize the sound quality to your liking. Music is mainly classical, easy listening, pop, rock, metal, R & B, funk. And in the movie, while recovering the difference between production companies such as MARVEL and Universal, we have prepared presets optimized for each type such as RPG and race in the game mode, and you can use it in all situations where sound is used.

About  EarEffect

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