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compatible with Android 

compatible with Android, compatible with major subscriptions such as Spotify / Apple Music / Amazon Music


With this, you won't miss a single note,
Headphones and earphones shine more.

$3 / month

Device performances to be

1000% boosted

You can set your favourite boom effect in EarEffect when you need more bass and power.


You can select the band from low, mid, and high for Boom effect.

Let's set your favorite earbuds / headphones with your customize.

Let's make your night beautiful with next-generation sounds.

Expand your favorite earbuds and give them unlimited possibilities.

Watch movies videos with EarEffect.

Your device is instantly transformed into a movie theater.

It is compatible with Android, major subscriptions such as Spotify / Apple Music and will start operation in March 2023 for free.

EarEffect is a state-of-the-art software that creates the most beautiful sound for each model of earbuds and headphones. 


We have 21 presets for every models

for Music, Video, and Games

Control and access your songs from Eareffect app.

You can connect your Apple Music account with EarEffect app and play your playlist or favorite songs from EarEffect. 

Will be available in March 2023.

Control the sound as you wish and enjoy the next generation of music experience.

You need more boom or more tight sound for your environment?


Ultimate Sound for You

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