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Reborn Your Earbuds!!!

$2 / month or Free

Get 3D Sound.
Revolution on Your Earbuds!

EarEffect was born from our professionalism.

About Hiro Furuya

Music Producer / Mastering Engineer

He has participated in projects ranging from the TV video of Chopin Competition winner Yundi Li at the Shanghai World Expo to Billy Joel's tour of Japan. He has also participated in the most prestigious classical music projects with the Berlin Philharmonic, Vienna Philharmonic, and others, and in recent years his music has been sent to the European and Eastern European charts, US and UK charts, Mongolian and Korean charts.

Mastering Works by Hiro Furuya

Die Denkaz - Futzball Fiever(Worldcup 2018 Germany Official Song)


Ultimate Sound for Your Wonderful Life

EarEffect is a state-of-the-art software that creates the most beautiful sound for each model of earbuds and headphones. It is compatible with Android, major subscriptions such as Spotify / Apple Music.

With this, you won't miss a single note,
Headphones and earphones shine more.

compatible with Android 

compatible with Android, compatible with major subscriptions such as Spotify / Apple Music / Amazon Music

You can set your favourite boom effect in EarEffect when you need more bass and power.


Let's set your favorite earbuds / headphones with your customize.

You can select the band from low, mid, and high for Boom effect.

Control the sound as you wish and enjoy the next generation of music experience.

You need more boom or more tight sound for your environment?


We have 21 presets for every models

for Music, Video, and Games


Let's make your night beautiful with next-generation sounds.


Expand your favorite earbuds and give them unlimited possibilities.

Watch movies videos with EarEffect.

Your device is instantly transformed into a movie theater.

Control and access your songs from Eareffect app.

You can connect your Apple Music account with EarEffect app and play your playlist or favorite songs from EarEffect. 

Now Available on

Google Play Store.

Emily & Justice - Práve v tejto chvíli

Karmen Pál-Baláž - Anjel

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